Private Art


Small group Art classes focus on drawing and painting in all styles and genres. These classes cater to the students’ abilities, improving dexterity, spatial and depth perception in younger students. Intermediate students exercise their compositional skills, studying from life and begin creating complex pieces of work. Moving forward to an Expert level, students are encouraged to develop their individual style and mark making. Adult Classes are also available.

Portfolio Preparation Sessions are available at the Elementary, Secondary and University levels by appointment. These Sessions are one on one, focusing on creating a well rounded portfolio with completed works.

Unsure about what materials to buy?

Arc provides a kit for all students with a materials Fee of $60. This includes sketchbook, drafting pencils and eraser, canvas boards, acrylic paint and paint brushes. This kit is mandatory for all students, refills can be bought through Arc Education Centre or other outlets. Materials are chosen with cost, quality, health and safety in mind.

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