Art Saturday

Class Start Date

March 28, 2020 - June 20, 2020

Age Group Program Materials Total
4 - 12 $115 $10 $125


This art class provides instruction in a wide variety of mediums and techniques for children with an emphasized focus on creative development. 

They will also learn about famous artists, art history and develop vocabulary for constructive criticism. A few techniques and mediums we use in class is listed below.

  • Pottery (hand building and carving techniques)
  • Drawing (shading, cross hatching, stippling, etc)
  • Painting (using tempura and acrylic paint, colour mixing, etc.)
  • Sculpture (creating mixed media art work using found objects, wire, etc.)
  • Printmaking (natural prints and dyes, carving, stamp making)

Students will be working together on large scale projects such as creating a life size sculptures of themselves, creating puppets, and miniature cityscapes.