Art Saturday

Class Start Date

September 12 - December 13

Age Group Program Materials Total
4 - 12 $16.25 $-INCLUDED $16.25


This art class provides instruction in a wide variety of mediums and techniques for children with an emphasized focus on creative development. 

They will also learn about famous artists, art history and develop vocabulary for constructive criticism. A few techniques and mediums we use in class is listed below.

  • Pottery (hand building and carving techniques)
  • Drawing (shading, cross hatching, stippling, etc)
  • Painting (using tempura and acrylic paint, colour mixing, etc.)
  • Sculpture (creating mixed media art work using found objects, wire, etc.)
  • Printmaking (natural prints and dyes, carving, stamp making)

Students will be working together on large scale projects such as creating a life size sculptures of themselves, creating puppets, and miniature cityscapes.

Online classes will be conducted through Zoom, Arc will provide a kit at the beginning of every month to be picked up at Arc Education Centre in Richmond Hill. It will contain all the materials you will need for the month! Class sizes in person will be limited to 4-6 students and online classes will be 4 – 10 students.


Price above is per class, registrants are billed monthly. Arc Education Centre does not provide prorating.

New families are subject to a one time $30 registration fee.